The pursuit of happiness

Humans are powerful. Humans are creative. It is astonishing that over thousands of years we have advanced from the Stone Age to the technological era. We’ve expanded our knowledge in biology, medicine, and science. Anything, I mean anything from around the world is available to us at our fingertips.   How is it that we […]

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Technology: Bridging the Gap or Creating it?

Photo Credit: <a href=””>gamercize</a&gt; Flickr via <a href=””>Compfight</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt; With so many advances in the technological era books, old friends, and news are available at our fingertips with just the touch of a button. While most people agree that they have benefited from technology either directly or indirectly in some way; has technology caused […]

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The Black Plague

Photo cred: “Creative Commons black plague skulls” by Daniel Samek is licensed under CC BY 2.0 My heart aches for the condition of my race. I, as a black woman see the violence, stereotypes, and downright foolery that plagues us. Both historically and presently my race has been one of the single most divided in […]

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