The Black Plague


Photo cred: “Creative Commons black plague skulls” by Daniel Samek is licensed under CC BY 2.0

My heart aches for the condition of my race. I, as a black woman see the violence, stereotypes, and downright foolery that plagues us. Both historically and presently my race has been one of the single most divided in history. During slavery my people were divided and lacked the education enabling them to communicate, unite, and conquer. In the mass genocide in Rwanda a civil war broke out when white settlers used divide and conquer tactics to slay the Tutsi and Hutu people. With so much historic oppression it alarms me that in present day; when black people have become presidents, billionaires, and astronauts, SOME of my people still choose not to value education. It’s sickening, because a lack of education was used as a means to keep us powerless. Now when we are at our most powerful, most resourceful, more minds are being thrown away than garbage. It alarms me that we are no longer in a time where the government can dismantle black families like they did with Martin Luther King and leaders of the black panthers. Yet, in our families we normalize toxicity and dysfunction. More of my people are proud to be “baby mamas” and “baby daddies” than real men and real women. My melanated kings and queens please I beg of you we must do better. We can’t complain that they’re killing us in the streets when we are already killing ourselves.



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