Technology: Bridging the Gap or Creating it?

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With so many advances in the technological era books, old friends, and news are available at our fingertips with just the touch of a button. While most people agree that they have benefited from technology either directly or indirectly in some way; has technology caused more harm or good?

In April of 2016, a young woman named Amy Joyner-Francis was killed in her school bathroom as a result of injuries sustained from a brawl. The brawl was orchestrated by three 16 year old girls who were her peers. The group of girls participated in online cyberattacks in order to bully the young woman. While, Amy’s death was unfortunate she is not the first youth to fall victim to virtual attacks that later leaked into reality.

While cyber bullying among youth has become a major issue, technology has taken a major toll on adults as well. Many studies have found that prolonged exposure to devices such as computer screens and cellphones can not only become addictive, but also lessen cognitive ability.

Beyond physical strengths, technology has created an avenue for cyber-theft. ABC7 eyewitness news recently broke a story about a new scam that enabled hackers to steal a person’s identity and solicit money from the individuals loved ones.

As a millennial by no means am I against technology and all of its benefits, but with anything where there are pros there can also be cons.



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