The pursuit of happiness


Humans are powerful. Humans are creative. It is astonishing that over thousands of years we have advanced from the Stone Age to the technological era. We’ve expanded our knowledge in biology, medicine, and science. Anything, I mean anything from around the world is available to us at our fingertips.


How is it that we live in a world filled with kings and warriors and yet, we are still so vulnerable? At the mercy of Mother Nature. Susceptible to our own mortality.


We are so driven by money, success, and physical attributes but, at any moment it can all dissipate.


Just this week, I myself had an encounter with my own mortality. On Wednesday I was a spunky, driven, young woman loving life, and by Friday I had collapsed lying on the floor unconscious, body cold.


What happened to me? In the days prior to my hospitalization I wasn’t feeling well and was urged to go to the hospital. Of course, I refused because I had more important things to do. I had several assignments that were due in the coming days; being the over achiever that I am I could not miss a deadline. I also felt that I needed to take a four hour drive to assist with my personal business at home, how comical is that?


Nonetheless, I ended up unconscious and wheeled to the hospital, my blood sugar was so low that I was moments away from a coma. A coma.


I spent the night at the hospital, and thank god that after many doses of fluids I am in recovery.   I had a simple infection, but because I prolonged visiting the doctor the infection spread to my kidneys and was shutting down my system.


What are we all really prioritizing in our lives? Is it happiness and good health? Or a false sense of gratification? So many women want to lose weight to look beautiful, rather than to benefit their health. People buy things they can’t afford as a facade, rather than be content in where they actually are. When it’s all said and done, none of those things will matter. Employers will find new employees and any fortunes will disbursed among family. We give up 90% of our time only to gain 10% of the profit.


Humans are foolish.



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